Case study – AkzoNobel: Omni-Channel Strategy Driven by Innovative Solutions

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With more than 50 brands operating globally, such as Dulux, Flexa, and Polyfilla, AkzoNobel is one of the leading experts in making paints and coatings.

One of AkzoNobel’s key pillars for growth is its omni-channel strategy. By implementing Hatch’s Where to Buy Online and Local solutions, the company has been able to enable a flawless customer experience across its brands. Scroll down to download the full case study!

The Challenge

AkzoNobel found that the majority of its product sales came from indirect offline retailer channels. While customers did visit the AkzoNobel website, there was no option to purchase online, which created a broken customer buying journey. Additionally, the company had difficulties tracking its digital campaign performance – ROI, ROAS and conversions.

The Solution

With its omni-channel strategy being one of AkzoNobel’s pillars for growth, the company required a solution that would unite its sales channels. To achieve this goal, AkzoNobel implemented Hatch’s Where to Buy Online and Local solution.

Through one widget, website visitors are now able to purchase products from their preferred retailer. The Hatch widget provides product availability details for both online and offline retailers and displays the distance and driving directions to local brick and mortar stores. Hatch’s Where to Buy Online and Local solutions give customers the ability to buy AkzoNobel products wherever and whenever they want.

Out of the Box implementation

To offer an even more seamless customer experience, AkzoNobel decided to integrate Hatch’s Where to Buy solution into the chatbot on the Flexa brand website.

“The goal of integrating Hatch’s Where to Buy Online solution into our chat was to serve customers in their preferred channel. Why should they have to leave our chatbot to find their preferred channel to buy? That didn’t make sense to us.” — AkzoNobel Global E-Commerce Lead

The Virtual Advisor can predict 75 different outcomes by using mathematical calculations of letter and word combinations, meaning it can help customers on the website even outside regular business hours. Implementing this innovative solution has made the brand even more accessible to its customers.

Hatch’s Where to buy Online and Local solutions implemented on Dulux website

The Result

Hatch’s Where to Buy solution has played a massive part in fulfilling one of AkzoNobel’s strategic goals of becoming an omni-channel business that provides first-class customer service. The implementation of Hatch’s widget, along with the innovative chatbot integration, has taken AkzoNobel’s customer buying journey to the next level.

And, with the addition of Hatch’s reporting dashboard, the company now has the insights required to optimise its digital campaigns, along with its online and offline channels.

Download the case study and read the full story on how Hatch helped AkzoNobel implement an omni-channel strategy driven by innovative solutions.

Download the full case study!

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