BOPIS is the Key to Omni-Channel Success

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RIS recently published an article about BOPIS (read the full article here) stating that as long as consumers continue to shop through various channels, brick-and-mortar will persist making omni-channel options vital for today’s shoppers.

BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) is one of the most valuable omni-channel offers that retailers can provide. Also known as click and collect, this offering enables for the customer to get their product in hand the same or following day, providing an ideal shopping experience for the retailer and consumer alike.

Without BOPIS, retailers are missing out on additional sales. “A recent survey found that 67% of BOPIS users buy more goods when they pick up online orders”. Since the customer has to pick up the order in store this creates an opportunity for them to see other products, and thus this creates more sales for the retailer.

Directing online consumer offline

The BOPIS trend once again proves that today’s consumer is looking for an omni-channel experience everywhere. Combining online and offline channels is now a choice for brands if they want to grow their sales and increase customer satisfaction.


This is something Hatch can help with. Brands can combine Where to Buy Online and Where to Buy Local solutions in one widget and make sure consumers have a clear path to purchase whether it is online or offline.

The Where to Buy Online solution will empower your website to offer your own e-commerce platform and offer to buy your products at the retail partners such as Amazon, Best Buy and more. Where to Buy Local solution will make sure that your customers can easily find the closest brick and mortar shop for themselves.

Another benefit of implementing Hatch solutions – insights to consumer behaviour online and offline. We provide you with insights for both online and offline reporting, which will help you to make decisions based on numbers and user needs instead of a gut feeling.

Retail is changing and evolving rapidly, and the brands who accept and adapt to the ever-changing climate will come out on top. Build your omni-channel not just by today’s standards, but in anticipation of the shifting retail trends. Of course, this approach has its challenges – after all, nobody can guarantee what future entails.

Source: RIS ‘Motivate Shoppers with BOPIS: The Secret to Omni-channel Success. 

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