Can D2C eCommerce Technology Actually Deliver Business Value?

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More and more branded manufacturers are choosing to sell direct-to-consumer (D2C), says a new report on e-commerce strategies by Forrester Q&A Research. The Q&A research looks into why branded manufacturers are choosing direct to consumer e-commerce approach, can D2C deliver a business value and what advantages are there?

Why you should consider D2C e-commerce?

1. Expanding your digital footprint and influence

Forrester estimates that in 2017 a remarkable 44% of total retail sales in Europe involved customers accessing digital touchpoints in some way. While a branded manufacturer’s website does not have to be transactional to influence sales, it can  help enable them. Typically, consumers look for product information and customer ratings on brand websites when researching products online. Users are more tempted to buy directly from brands and retailers they trust to ensure product authenticity and warrantee. Retail loyalty programmes, recommendations from friends and family or previous experience also plays important part in decision making. Brands can capitalise on this by helping consumers to buy from their partner retailers, as this too invokes trust.

2. You’re effectively blind without consumer insights

Traditionally there is at least one layer between a branded manufacturer and the end-consumer. Many brands are beginning to realise more than ever before the value of having direct contact with their customers and are looking at ways to reduce insight dependency on these layers. Direct contact provides brands with data required for them to discover new customer insights that can be used by marketing and sales departments for new product development, propositions and A/B testing. If You do not have right tools getting insights on a regular basis through retail partners, distributors and/or agencies can be a challenging and inaccurate process.

3. Full control of your product testing

Having a D2C relationship gives branded manufacturers a platform to test, measure and optimise decisions about new products and propositions, customer buying journeys, content marketing and much more. For example, a brand might use direct channels online to soft launch new products in test markets to monitor consumer response – before going global.

4. Product innovation and improving digital skills internally

D2C initiatives can help innovate, assist with digital transformation.  Different D2C initiatives provides branded manufacturers with ability to launch, test and measure results for specific products in selected markets. This improves the overall speed and agility of the business. It also gives brands the opportunity to act like a start up and see if ‘in-house businesses’ can be built sustainably out of D2C insights.

Key solutions enabling D2C 

According to the Forrester report many brands such as BaByliss and Nescafé are choosing more innovative solutions to facilitate their D2C strategies. These brands are going ahead with a Where to Buy Online solution and enabling indirect sales through their direct channels.

Hatch Where to Buy Online solution can turn all a branded manufacturer’s digital touchpoints into sales channels by connecting consumers directly with their retail partners. Hatch works with global and brands to implement D2C e-commerce solutions worldwide.

D2c business value

By following the entire journey Where to Buy Online solutions provides branded manufacturers with access to crucial customer buying journey insights that can help achieve the above-mentioned benefits, maximise ROI and improve overall customer experience.

Ultimately, Where to Buy Online solution can help branded manufacturers make better and faster business decisions.

Begin your own D2C digital transformation today.

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