Do you know what consumers in your target market are searching for?

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We believe keeping an eye on search trends each year is crucial for staying in tune with your customers’ needs and wants. This year, we’ve partnered with IntentRadar to compile a report exploring the ups and downs of search trends across multiple verticals in 2021. According to Accenture, 72 per cent of customers now expect companies to understand how their needs have changed during times of disruption, so keeping track of search trends is hugely important for boosting business performance.

Here are some of our key insights from 2021:

  • Outbreak of COVID-19 led to strong computer demand growth in 2020  as increased time at home and working from home led people to seek upgrades.
  • Headphone demand experienced the most significant total demand decrease, falling 18% YoY due to a much weaker November demand peak.
  • Small domestic appliances (SDA) saw the highest search demand in 2021, with ovens and fridges remaining the leading products 
  • Search demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) increased 10 per cent 
  • Demand for home assistant devices is down since 2020, while overall searches for consumer electronics likewise declined

What does this mean for your brand?

While consumer behaviour is always difficult to predict, it’s important for brands to keep an eye on the most significant trending patterns. The more you know about what your consumers are searching for, the better you can tap into their needs to boost your brand’s sales. With this report, we outline the most essential vertical intent trends for your brand to take note of. Hatch solutions can equip you with the tools needed to meet these consumers’ needs head-on.  When prospective customers carry out their searches for new products, it is vital that brands keep them engaged online. With Hatch Where to Buy solutions, the journey from browsing to purchase is made seamless for consumers. 

For more insights on search trends for 2021, you can check out our full report below. 

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