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A toolkit to deliver your omni-channel ambitions


Looking to accelerate your digital commerce offering? Our suite of additional products and services can help you optimise your customer journey, enhance your commerce capabilities and improve brand experience across your sales channels.

our solutions

where to buy local

Drive online traffic to your physical stores

where to buy Online

Make your digital touchpoints shoppable

where to buy campaigns

Integrate Hatch’s Where to Buy Online solution into your social media campaigns

shoppable reviews

Offer aggregated online customer reviews


Drive personalised content and a dynamic user experience

Branded marketplace

Display multiple retail stockists and allow consumers to click through to purchase

Channel monitoring

Monitor retailer prices against the recommended retail price in specific  countries. 

where to buy reporting

In-depth performance insights into your sales channels 

Market intelligence

Insights into product lifecycle stages


Add our Where to Buy Online solution to your social media platforms


Add our Where to Buy Online solution to Facebook Catalogs


Add our Where to Buy Online solution to Facebook Catalogs

Content syndication

Product data-sheets

marketplaces insights social content commerce


Channel monitoring

Channel Monitoring services allows you to ensure and monitor the product price and availability per country and retailer.  

where to buy reporting

Access detailed sales channel performance insights through our intuitive dashboard.

Market intelligence

Get detailed product and category sales information per country on purchases, buying intent, product lifecycle and more from your digital and offline sales channels


Social commerce

Offer a complete shopping experience from product visibility, engagement and the check out process in one channel with the preference of choosing the prefered retailer.

Facebook catalog

Support your Facebook Catalog with additional channels to provide more buying options next to your ecommerce platform.

Facebook marketplace

Enable the key platform used by millions of consumers to get inspired, informed and to buy and sell items. Consumers can search for your products based on location, category and price, while purchasing it through their prefered retailer.


Where to buy campaigns

Leverage Hatch’s reporting capabilities and begin spending your marketing budget effectively.


Give your micro personalised and segmented campaign an edge by integrating alternate options to buy your product. Impowering your customers and giving your retail partners central stage.


branded marketplace

Hatch Marketplaces combines our Premium Product Content, Professional Reviews and Shoppable Reviews offerings. Combining these products creates a rich and consistent customer experience, which drives engagement and purchase intent. When we implement Marketplaces on your website, our connection with most major global retailers means that all retailers carrying your brand’s product portfolio (and related products) will be made available for purchase. Clients such as Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD currently use this service on a global scale.


content syndication

Through our founding partner Icecat, Hatch has access to the largest open catalog of structured product data in the world. This data powers thousands of retail and brand websites worldwide and is compatible with most PIMs. It is the trusted source for many educated purchase decisions.

Transform your digital campaigns