Baby and Child Sector Insights 2020

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The online baby and child sector saw a huge revenue increase throughout 2020, in line with e-commerce as a whole. We’ve compiled a report of the top baby and child sector trends witnessed throughout 2020, which we expect to develop in the year ahead.

Baby and Child Sector Insights and Trends Overview

  • The COVID-19 outbreak saw parents stockpiling essentials like nappies and wipes.
  • IBISWorld predicted the online baby product industry to surge 9.2% in 2020.
  • There’s been a shift towards consumers purchasing environmentally friendly items.
  • Brands will need to begin creating products with both parents in mind.


Hatch Insights

At Hatch, our data highlights various baby and child sector trends witnessed throughout 2020:

Embracing Online
  • Brands put more emphasis on online sales channels in 2020.
  • More brands are providing website visitors with an enhanced online experience.
  • There’s been a shift in digital transformation across the sector.
Change in Buying Behaviour
  • We witnessed an interesting change in buying behaviour in 2020, with sales increasing from March and reaching the highest point in July.
  • Sales decreased from September-October, and increased again in November, around BFCM weekend.
Importance of Online Reviews For Brand Trust
  • Website visitors are actively checking online reviews before making purchases.
  • Brands are using social media/influencer marketing, with consumers taking recommendations from influencers they trust.
Buying Time
  • Consumers are browsing websites throughout the day, but the majority of purchases are happening in the evening.
  • Consumers either tend to buy within the first 24 hours of visiting a brand website or after seven days.

Baby and Child Sector: Going Forward

While online sales have increased, the baby care market will always need physical stores. Because of this, brands will need to embrace omni-channel retail and create trust between themselves and their target audience.

Hatch’s ‘Where to Buy’ solutions connect brands’ physical stores and online channels, allowing customers to buy from a retailer they trust. Plus, with the addition of Hatch ‘Shoppable Reviews’, brands can now add aggregated customer reviews to their product pages.

For more information about Hatch Where to Buy Online, Where to Buy Local and Shoppable Reviews, get in touch today!

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