Case Study – Bose: Balancing Branding and Marketing

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The Bose Corporation is a well-known audio solutions company that produces amongst other products noise-cancelling headphones, home audio systems, automobile sound systems and more. In an effort to boost brand awareness and product sales, Bose created a campaign that aimed to balance branding and marketing. Hatch Where to Buy Online solution implemented on campaign landing pages and digital ads allowed Bose achieve outstanding results. Download the full case study and learn how they did it.

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The Challenge

Bose has been well known for its quality audio systems for a long time. However, in recent years, the audio market has become more saturated, and Bose has begun to experience competition from new market entrants like Beats by Dr. Dre and Sennheiser.

The Solution

To compete against these brands, Bose created an omni-channel campaign that would raise brand and product awareness, persuade consumers towards Bose touchpoints and generate sales. Through balancing branding and marketing, Bose aimed at strengthening the position of their brand and re-introduce their high-quality products to potential customers.

Bose worked together with Hatch and creative agency, This Page Amsterdam, to produce a full e-commerce campaign platform, fully integrated with Hatch’s Where to Buy Online technology. The campaign website showcased Bose products and directed consumers to the retailer website to buy the product. For campaign promotion Bose used few media channels such as Google Display Network and others.

The Result

The omni-channel approach, created by Hatch and This Page Amsterdam, allowed Bose to achieve outstanding campaign results. With the Hatch solution, the brand was able to track the campaign in almost real-time and make adjustments throughout to optimise the results.Download the full Bose case study and discover what results Bose achieved and how you could improve your campaign results.

Learn from Bose experience


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