Hatch Frequently Asked Questions


Where to Buy Online

Where to Buy solution is a software platform that connects brands with retailers, providing brands with retail purchase options for their products on websites or from digital campaigns. It allows brands to sell to consumers through their digital channels and track all the way through to sale.

80% of consumers today wish to complete their purchase through the retail channel, rather than direct from a brand. Adding Where to Buy to your site gives consumers visiting your site retail purchase options where they can purchase your products directly from their preferred retailer, quickly and easily. This keeps consumer focused on your products. It is an incremental source of revenue that may otherwise have been lost. With Hatch sales tracking in place, you gain valuable insights into most popular products, most effective retailers, leads and sales conversion, and many more.

Brands using Hatch are currently experiencing an 10% conversion rate on average. With some clients reporting 20% conversion rates.
Hatch has its owner proprietary tracking technology. We place a tracking pixel on the purchase confirmation page at the retailer and which allows us to track the initial lead through to the sale. Here we also pick up information on what was bought, cross-sell, upsell, competitor or complementary product. This information then drives sales attribution and deeper insights.

Hatch for retailers

Hatch provides highly qualified leads to retailers directly from brand websites or media campaigns, free of charge we turn browsers into buyers. With over 80% of consumers purchasing through the retail channel taking advantage of click and collect, delivery options that fit around busy lives, as well as taking advantage of loyalty programs adding Where to Buy to your channel program connects the user experience from your brand partners to the point of sale.

Providing Hatch with a product feed allows us to place your retail offers directly in front of the consumer visiting a brand’s website using our Where to Buy technology. The brand funds the implementation so you don’t have to pay to receive any leads coming from the brand. Together, you are working in partnership to drive traffic to your product pages where consumers complete their purchase.

No, participation in our program is completely free-of-charge.

No, we work with many brands. Please contact info@gethatch.com if you would like to be listed with other brands.

Hatch is always on hand to help and our dedicated retailer services team is there to support you. This covers initial setup and onboarding of your product feed, to ongoing support around product coverage, pricing accuracy and link integrity.

Hatch for agencies

Hatch works with leading agencies to provide innovative new ways to measure the effectiveness of brands product campaigns across display, search, email, social and more. At a time when there is so much debate around digital effectiveness, measurement and ROI, Hatch Where to Buy technology provides you with full tracking from campaign assets all the way through to sale at the retailer.