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A toolkit delivering your omnichannel ambitions

Other Services A toolkit delivering your omnichannel ambitions With a suite of additional products and services, we enables acceleration of digital commerce and help to achieve competitive advantages. Optimise your customer journey, commerce capabilities and brand experience across all sales channels.

Where to Buy Online campaigns.

By leveraging Hatch’s Where-to-Buy technology and reporting capabilities, brands can spend their marketing dollars where they are most effective.

Premium Product Content

Through our founding partner Icecat, Hatch has access to the largest open catalog of structured product data in the world. This data powers thousands of retail and brand websites worldwide and is compatible with most PIMs. It is the trusted source for many educated purchase decisions.

Professional Reviews

This service adds professional product reviews and tests from competent sources to the brand page for an objective and well documented review of your products in different languages worldwide.

Marketplaces for Brands

We are connected with almost all major retailers worldwide, and their inventories (both online and in-store). Hatch can power marketplaces on the your websites where all retailers carrying your brand’s product portfolio (and related products) are published and made available for purchase. Combined with Premium Product Content, Professional Reviews and Shoppable reviews this will drive a rich and consistent customer experience to drive engagement and purchase intent. Clients such as Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD are making use of this service on a global scale.

Shop in Shop

Shop in shop is a centrally hosted and branded experience platform integrated with major retailers worldwide. Different from other “in-page” experiences because of its seamless integration with the checkout process & analytics, it allows brands to control the digital shelf across all retailers.

Hatch Data Cloud

We capture anonymisd shopper behaviour related data consisting of products, availability, pricing, inventory levels, store availability and purchase intent data. While observing the highest standards in regards to GDPR and data privacy in general, we have a robust cloud based data platform to power a broad range of use cases, insights and reporting capabilities. This data is accessible through various reporting dashboards and APIs.

Channel Monitor

With our channel monitor reporting dashboard, brands can have a real-time market view on their product portfolio. As a brand, you will be able to view your products, who’s selling it at what price and with what availability. This allows you to drive decisions that will impact channel performance, for example by addressing retailer out of stock situations.

Virtual product advisor/ AI Bot

Combining Hatch’s proprietary Where to Buy technology combined with product information and AI technology provided by one of Hatch’s partners AskSid we offer an out of the box chat bot solution for brands that can autonomously advise shoppers with their purchase considerations. The bot is self-learning and can also transfer to real agents for follow up.

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