Prepare Your Business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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E-commerce’s biggest revenue-earning weekend is just around the corner, but is your business prepared? Black Friday 2019 falls on 29th November, followed by a weekend of deals across brands and retailers and concluding with online-only Cyber Monday on 2nd December.

The omni-channel event caters to a range of shoppers with deals and discounts delivered across all shopping channels, both in-store and online.

We’re going to provide you with plenty of tips on how to make the most out of Black Friday 2019, including how to prepare your omni-channel business for Black Friday, how to retain customers and how Where to Buy technology can help. Read on to get your business ready for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Numbers

BFCM proved to be a record-breaking last year with Cyber Monday 2018 being the most significant e-Commerce day in history.

  • The total online spend for the five days in 2018 November 22–26 was $24.2 billion. This represents a 23% increase over the same five days last year.
  • Online sales on Thanksgiving Day 2018 jumped to $3.7 billion – nearly 28% over the previous year.
  • Cyber Monday 2018 was the most significant eCommerce Day in History so far with $7.9 billion in sales.
  • Another significantly noticeable trend – buying online/pickup in-store. Although this cross-channel retail experience model was small, it went over 65% over last year.

Making sure everything is ready for BFCM

You’ve probably been preparing for weeks and preparation is essential when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From planning your offers to setting up your media campaigns, here’s what you need to check how to ensure your business has the right things in place for BFCM:

Is Your Store Prepared?

Whether your store is online, offline or omni-channel, there will be a whole list of obvious things to check. But don’t forget to ensure your product details are up-to-date, the correct imagery is uploaded everywhere, and make sure your stock levels are correct.  Finally, it’s worth testing your website speed (nobody wants their site to crash on BFCM).

Review Your Offers

Sine the entire weekend is focused on deals, you’ve most likely decided on how you provide discount – through discount codes or directly to selected products. Either way, it is advisable to test if the discount mechanism (e.g. voucher codes) work. And be aware of what discounts your retail partners will be offering to ensure your prices are aligned.

Understand Your Customer

In order to target the correct audience with BFCM deals, you’ll need to understand your customer base. If you have done some research on this ahead of Black Friday weekend, this is a great moment to apply your findings. But perhaps more importantly, do not forget to analyse the behaviour on your site, so make sure this is setup correctly. This will be of huge value for future campaigns. Hatch’s campaign service can help you manage and measure campaigns across a range of channels and see results in Hatch dashboard.

Market Your Deals

You’ve probably already started your campaigns, but if you haven’t it not too late. It’s a good idea to use a mix of social media, email marketing, in-store banners/flyers and online banners (if you have those available). Just be aware that consumers will be bombarded with special offers in the weeks and days before BFCM weekend, so it will be harder for your business to be visible and might require some extra budget if you were late to the game.

Check With Your Key Retail Partners

If you sell products via retail partner sites and online marketplaces, liaise with retailers before Black Friday weekend to ensure you have an understanding of the discounts they will be applying to your products and if they require any extra stock. Plus, make sure all your retailers have up-to-date product information and imagery and that key search terms are included within product descriptions (you probably haver this on the shelf anyway) – this will help your brand stand out from the crowd on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How Can Where to Buy Solutions Help?

Where to Buy Online Technology

Implementing Hatch’s Where to Buy Online solution across your e-commerce site throughout Black Friday weekend and other 361 day a year will provide a range of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Keeps users on your website focused to buy your products
  • Allows customers to buy your products from the retailer they desire
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Quality leads for retailers
  • Tracked insights into the entire customer journey displayed in Hatch’s reporting dashboard

Campaign Tracking

If your brand is running Black Friday Cyber Monday ads or any other campaigns, do you have the correct tools to track and measure them? When linked to the Where to Buy Online widget, Hatch’s campaign service allows brands to monitor and measure existing media campaigns. With this service, your business will be able to:

  • Connect all digital assets across online channels (social media, Google Display Network, e-mails and banners)
  • Optimise media spending and marketing budgets based on the gathered insights nearly real time
  • Receive detailed insights into consumer journey, best-performing media channels and best-performing retailers from the specific ads
  • Track customer journeys initiated by media campaigns from the banner to the point of sale

Where to Buy Local Technology

Over Black Friday weekend and after, customers may find a product they like online and wish to view the product in-store before buying. Hatch’s Where to Buy Local solution displays a list of local stores where customers can purchase your products from. The Where to Buy Local widget provides:

  • Distance and directions to closest stores
  • Opening times
  • Stock availability
  • Store information (address and contact details)

We hope this article has provided you with an insight into how to prepare your business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.

Be sure to download our checklist to help your brand get the best out of the weekend.

Last minute BFCM Checklist

All you need to know to be ready!

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