Top eCommerce Trends 2019

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What does the future hold for your webshop? Which key e-commerce trends are likely to contribute to the success of your e-commerce strategy in 2019? Here at Hatch, we’ve aligned the facts and delved into our own data to bring you our predictions for the top e-commerce trends of 2019.

The Future of E-commerce

Today, e-commerce and digital influences account for over half of in-store purchases. In 2018, e-commerce itself rose to €602 billion in Europe  (+13% YoY growth), and it now represents almost 10% of U.S. retail sales (+15% YoY growth). With this growth in motion, there is certainly more in store for the future of e-commerce.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals resulted in a happy post-sales growth period for both brands and retailers. In fact, Amazon announced that 2018’s Cyber Monday was the single biggest shopping day in the company’s history.

As the above figures suggest, brands can no longer survive without being present on their customers’ preferred digital channels, and retailers need to fully adopt digital commerce in order to succeed.

E-commerce Trends for 2019

It goes without saying that e-commerce has exceeded the idea of simply buying something on a website. E-commerce includes a series of interactions that rely on technology to move goods while offering a top-notch customer experience. So which e-commerce trends should you be incorporating into your online activities?

Here are some of the trends, ideas and predictions set to make an appearance in 2019:

  • Brick and Mortar is not dead
    A new variety of retail stores and in-person experiences with digital characteristics will begin to replace traditional retailers, providing consumers with personalised experiences.
  • Augmented Reality in your own home
    Augmented Reality (AR) will grow even more, as brands introduce features that allow consumers to use their mobile devices to visualise items in their personal space before purchasing, minimising the need to return.
  • “ROPO”: The magic formula for retailer digital success
    Retailers will now be able to calculate the return on investment of in-store sales attributed to digital spend, thanks to ROPO Ratio: “Research Online, Purchase Offline”.
  • Mobile checkout dominates desktop
    Mobile checkout will be a convenience that no shopper can survive without and no business can afford to ignore.
  • Machine Learning: The ideal customer experience
    A.I. will create the perfect, customised customer experience, signalling a change in most retail and brand targeting strategies, approaching the once impossible idea of one to one (1:1) marketing.
  • Amazon and the relentless growth of marketplaces
    Amazon will be an indispensable element in every e-commerce business plan. In the Netherlands, has just announced a firm platform strategy.
  • Voice Search
    Consumers will speak to their devices to search online and use voice to interact (conversational AI) like never before. Retailers, merchants and brands will have to change the ways they communicate to compete.

From AR to machine learning, there are lots of trends in store for the online retail world in 2019. According to Forrester, consumers are becoming ever more digitally connected. This means that retailers and brands need to make sure their online user journey and customer experience meet the expectations of the modern consumer.

At Hatch, we enable digital transformation for our clients through our Where to Buy solutions, making all digital touchpoints shoppable.

We connect brands and retailers, enabling consumers to purchase their favourite products wherever and however they choose.

Brands that work with us benefit from an increase in sales, improved customer experience and a better relationship with retailers. On top of this, retailers connected with us benefit from a consistent source of free, highly-qualified leads from brands they carry.

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