Hatch Supports Xbox Series X and Series S Pre-Order Launch

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Hatch Supports Xbox Series X and Series S Pre-Order Launch

Last month, global technology company, Microsoft, launched the pre-order for its new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, which is due to be released in November 2020.

The pre-order began on 22nd September and led to a huge spike in traffic to the Xbox site, which was supported by Hatch’s Where to Buy technology.

Hatch Where to Buy Online implementation on Xbox site

“A launch like this, with peak traffic of millions of API calls during the first 30 minutes, is when all our hard work and investments over the last two years pay off. Investments that allow us to scale the capacity of our platform in a matter of minutes with more than 900% and process volume peaks of 50,000 requests per minute. Hatch can now support clients like Xbox during their global product launches by seamlessly processing up to 100 times their normal traffic.” SaysEdwin Stam, CTO at Hatch.

Hatch has been Microsoft’s chosen ‘Where to Buy’ solutions provider since 2019. This partnership offers Microsoft customers a seamless buying journey, enabling them to shop from their preferred retailer via the Microsoft website.

“The new consoles saw an unprecedented level of interest from consumers, and I am proud that Hatch was a key component in delivering the launch. The fact we can support clients by ensuring offers are immediately available post-launch, and that Hatch has the backend capabilities to handle such demand without jeopardizing the consumer experience, is a testament to our tech team.” Adds Kevin Gordon, Account Director at Hatch.

Hatch’s ‘Where to Buy’ technology creates a seamless buying experience between a brand’s website and its retail partners’. This allows customers to purchase their favourite brand’s products from their preferred online or local retailer. The aim of Hatch’s ‘Where to Buy’ solution is to enable brands to sell their products both online and offline, while also offering insights into product page and retailer performance.

Hatch is driven by innovation, and strives to stay up to date with the latest technologies – the firm’s most recent investments demonstrate this. Denis Bursak, Technical Lead at Hatch, explains: “Last years, Hatch invested massively in infrastructure modernization that allows us to support our clients globally, and elastically scale our infrastructure up and down within minutes to support any load coming to our services. We now run a very stable, fast and cost-effective service and offer near-real-time reporting in our leads and sales dashboard.”

About Hatch’s ‘Where to Buy’ solutions

Hatch provides innovative ‘Where to Buy’ solutions for well-known consumer electronics and computing brands across the world. By connecting top brands with global retailers (online and in-store), Hatch creates a seamless omni-channel buying experience, allowing consumers to purchase products through every touchpoint.

Hatch Where to Buy Online connects brands with their online retail partners, allowing customers to shop via their preferred online retailer.

Hatch Where to Buy Local connects brands with physical retail stores, allowing customers to purchase or collect in-store at their favourite local retailer.

Hatch Shoppable Reviews aggregates customer product reviews from across the web and displays them on brand product pages, allowing customers to make informed purchase decisions.

For more information about the Hatch solution, or Hatch’s role in the Xbox pre-order launch, please get in touch.

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